Felipe Franco Munhoz

De Braziliaanse schrijver Felipe Franco Munhoz werd geboren op 4 maart 1990 in São Paulo.Hij studeerde af in sociale communicatie aan de Federale Universiteit van Paraná en ontving een Funarte de Criação Literári beurs om zijn eerste roman “Mentiras”, te schrijven. Hij heeft deelgenomen aan belangrijke literaire evenementen – zoals het Festival Literário de Macau en de Printemps Littéraire Brésilien – en wordt beschouwd als een van de grootste talenten van de nieuwe generatie Braziliaanse fictieschrijves. Hij schreef verder het theaterstuk “Identidades 15 minutos” en de roman “Identidades”

Uit: Moonshine (Vertaald door Eric M. B. Becker)

« It wasn’t our fault. It was the city of Curitiba, with that coarse appearance common to all cities in the middle of nowhere; it was the recipe we found with a quick Internet search; it was the Jack Daniels we drank that day, straight from the bottle; and—most important—it was William Faulkner. All because we’d decided, after reaching peak levels of whiskey, to act out some scene or other from literature. First, we tried Tom Stoppard’s play The Real Thing. I never could have guessed our dinner would be converted into a theater or that we, naked, would begin playing serious actors, in the candlelight, circling about between the furniture, speaking English.
Declaring Loving and being loved is unliterary with a forced British accent.
Until, a second later, out of the blue, leaving our home theater dramatics behind, Car l’Homme a fini! L’Homme a joué tous les rôles!, Catarina began to recite Rimbaud. Alcoholic polyglots. In other words: a pretentious young couple—laughable, ludicrous. In other words: a young couple seeking shelter in literature. A young couple pretending it was possible to surpass the limits of the same old daily routine, of that city so inadequate, of our very lives. An escape. A short-lived one.
My friend—my new girlfriend?—soon tired of the poet. What I really wanted was a romantic, lovesick Rimbaud; which of these writers here is the most romantic? Faulkner, I joked. And I pulled Sanctuary down from the shelf—as though, without realizing it, I were pulling a trigger, firing off a deadly idea. Her curiosity limitless, Catarina leafed through the book; while I staggered—staggered—toward the kitchen only to discover that the Jack Daniels—goddammit—had come to an end.
“Half a glass left.”
“We drank it all?”
“It was already open.”
“What’s a moonshiner?”
And then, in her nasal voice, Catarina recited a dialogue from the novel:
“Was that why you left Belle?” Miss Jenny said. She looked at him. “It took you a long time to learn that, if a woman don’t make a very good wife for one man, she ain’t likely to for another, didn’t it?”
(First in a forced British accent, then in a forced, blasé French, and a forced, drawling English—hillbilly?—from Mississippi.”

Felipe Franco Munhoz (São Paulo, 4 maart 1990)