J. C. Bloem, Petra Else Jekel, Morton Rhue, Miklós Radnóti, Christopher Morley

 Bij 5 mei


Monument door Paul Elshout, Geertruidenberg


Na de bevrijding

Schoon en stralend is, gelijk toen, het voorjaar,
Koud des morgens, maar als de dagen verder
Opengaan, is de eeuwige lucht een wonder
Voor de geredden.

In ’t doorzichtig waas over al de brake
Landen ploegen weder trage paarden
Als altijd, wijl nog de nabije verten
Dreunen van oorlog.

Dit beleefd te hebben, dit heellijfs uit te
Mogen spreken, ieder ontwaken weer te
Weten: heen is, en nu voorgoed, de welhaast
Duldloze knechtschap –

Waard is het, vijf jaren gesmacht te hebben,
Nu opstandig, dan weer gelaten, en niet
Eén van de ongeborenen zal de vrijheid
Ooit zo beseffen.


J. C. Bloem
(10 mei 1887 – 10 augustus 1966)


De Nederlandse dichteres Petra Else Jekel werd in Arnhem geboren op 5 mei 1980. Zie ook alle tags voor Petra Else Jekel op dit blog.


Het Groninger Museum


Te zien als luchtspiegeling
in grachtwateroppervlak

met in je gouden woontoren
vierkante appartementen
waar schatbewaarders wonen

drijf je zowel op water als
in lucht nabijheid in

terwijl langs glazen puien schuiven
zij die zeggen: wij kennen het
niet het is ons te nabij.


Na in lange sessies eiland reeksen
zweept het Groninger Museum
grachtwater cummulerend golfslag

Afzijdig was degene die
de puzzel paste, uiteen trok,
in water te drijven legde,
gangen groef.

Na bruggen, poorten laat
ingang de bezoeker zakken
naar waar de zoektocht
over paviljoenen start,

zichzelf een route tekent:
zoet en zwaar,
glas en lood,
doorschijnende wanden

en niemand die van bouwen wist.

Petra Else Jekel (Arnhem, 5 mei 1980)


De Amerikaanse schrijver
Morton Rhue (pseudoniem van Todd Strasser) werd geboren op 5 mei 1950 in New York.
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Uit: Asphalt Tribe


Maggot said we should go up to Times Square to watch the ball drop and pick some pockets, but we never got around to it. Instead we hung out in front of the Good Life Deli like we always did. Maggot, Rainbow, 2Moro, and me. A cold mist drifted out of the dark, the little

droplets sparkling in the streetlights. Maggot and me sat under the awning of the newspaper stand on the corner. The damp matted down our hair. Black puddles dotted the street and steam rose like ghosts from the manhole covers. Rainbow sat cross-legged against the wall, loose strands of blond hair falling out of a blue wool cap, her head nodding almost down to her lap. 2Moro leaned against the streetlight with her arms crossed, not saying anything to anyone one, just waiting for someone to say It was one of those nights.when there wasn’t much traffic on the streets of New York. Most of the New Year’s partiers were done with their stupid celebrations and back in the four-walled cells they called apartments. Prisoners of the system, Maggot said. Now, only the newspaper delivery trucks and taxis passed, their tires making squishy noises on the wet, black pavement. Out here in the cold where we weren’t walled in, we were free to go where we pleased.

“Guess the cops have the night off,” Maggot said, his brown dreadlocks stringy from the mist; his breath a small cloud of fog.

“The rest of the world, too,” muttered 2Moro. She was wearing a red-and-orange patchwork jacket, a tight black skirt, and high black boots. Her short dyed red hair was matted down on her forehead like a cap. The piercings in her ears and eyebrow and nose glinted in the streetlight. Tattooed around her neck was a circle of black barbed wire.“


Morton Rhue/Todd Strasser (New York, 5 mei 1950)


De Hongaarse dichter en schrijver Miklós Radnóti werd geboren op 5 mei 1909 in Boedapest. Zie ook alle tags voor Miklós Radnóti op dit blog.

Postcard 2
written October 6, 1944 near Crvenka, Serbia

A few miles away they’re incinerating
the haystacks and the houses,
while squatting here on the fringe of this pleasant meadow,
the shell-shocked peasants quietly smoke their pipes.
Now, here, stepping into this still pond, the little shepherd girl
sets the silver water a-ripple
while, leaning over to drink, her flocculent sheep
seem to swim like drifting clouds.

Postcard 3

written October 24, 1944 near Mohács, Hungary

The oxen dribble bloody spittle;
the men pass blood in their piss.
Our stinking regiment halts, a horde of perspiring savages,
adding our aroma to death’s repulsive stench.

Vertaald door Michael R. Burch


Miklós Radnóti (5 mei 1909 – 9 november 1944)


De Amerikaanse dichter, schrijver en journalist
Christopher Morley werd geboren op 5 mei1890 in Haverford, Pennsylvania.
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At the Mermaid Caffeteria

TRUTH is enough for prose:
Calmly it goes
To tell just what it knows.

For verse, skill will suffice-
Delicate, nice
Casting of verbal dice.

Poetry, men attain
By subtler pain
More flagrant in the brain-

An honesty unfeigned,
A heart unchained,
A madness well restrained.


The barren music of a word or phrase

THE barren music of a word or phrase,
The futile arts of syllable and stress,
He sought. The poetry of common days
He did not guess.

The simplest, sweetest rhythms life affords-
Unselfish love, true effort truly done,
The tender themes that underlie all words-
He knew not one.

The human cadence and the subtle chime
Of little laughters, home and child and wife,
He knew not. Artist merely in his rhyme,
Not in his life.

Christopher Morley (5 mei 1890 – 28 maart 1957)


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