In Memoriam Carlos Fuentes


In Memoriam Carlos Fuentes


De Mexicaanse schrijver Carlos Fuentes is in een ziekenhuis in Mexico-Stad op 83-jarige leeftijd overleden. Het bericht over zijn dood werd dinsdag via Twitter bevestigd door president Calderón. Carlos Fuentes Macías werd op 11 november 1928 in Panama-Stad geboren. Zie ook alle tags voor Carlos Fuentes op dit blog.


Uit: Inez (Vertaald door Margaret Sayers Peden)


„Could this round seal be the key to his own personal dwelling? Not the physical house where he was living in Salzburg; not the transitory houses he had lived in throughout his itinerant profession; not his childhood house in Marseilles, tenaciously forgotten so that he would not have to recall ever again, the migrant’s poverty and humiliation; not even the cave, our first castle, we can reconstruct in our imagination. Could it be the original space, the intimate, inviolable, irreplaceable circle that contains us all but at the price of exchanging sequential memory for an initial memory that is complete in itself and has no need to consider the future?
Baudelaire evokes a deserted house filled with moments now dead. Is it enough to open a door, uncork a bottle, take down an old suit, for a soul to come back to fill it?
He repeated the woman’s name.
It rhymed with “regress,” Ee-ness, and in the crystal seal the maestro hoped to find the impossible reflection of both: Inez and a return to a time before the years prohibiting his love. Inez. Regress.
It was a crystal seal. Opaque but luminous. That was its greatest marvel. In its place on the tripod by the window, light could shine through it, and then the crystal scintillated. It shot delicate sparks, and illegible letters appeared, revealed by the light: letters of a language unknown to the aged orchestra conductor, a score in a mysterious alphabet, perhaps the language of a lost people, maybe a voiceless clamor that came from a long-ago time and in a certain way mocked the professional artist who was so faithful to the composition that even knowing it by memory he had to have it before his eyes as he directed…
Light in silence.
Lyrics without voice.“




Carlos Fuentes (11 november 1928 – 15 mei 2012)

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  1. Hallo Romenu,
    ik heb veel van hem gehoord tijdens de talrijke voordrachten i.v.m. het Centrum voor Mexicaanse Studies (CMS Antwerpen – UFSIA).
    Als ik ooit iets van hem vertaal, dan stuur ik het ff door.

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