David Benioff

De Amerikaanse schrijver David Benioff (pseudoniem van David Friedman) werd geboren in New York City op 25 september 1970. Zie ook alle tags voor David Benioff op dit blog.


Uit: City of Thieves


“Off we go, then, on a tour into the haunted theme park of modern European history. It is January 1942, the first winter of what would become a 900-day siege, and David’s grandfather, Lev Beniov, at that time a skinny 17-year-old, is trying to survive on his own. Lev’s mother and sister left Leningrad before the Germans closed in; his father, a Jewish poet, had been arrested by the Soviet secret police four years earlier and was never heard from again. After looting the corpse of a German soldier, Lev himself is arrested and thrown into the city’s huge and silent prison, where he expects to be killed. His cellmate, Kolya, is an insouciant Cossack full of literary pretensions and braggadocio who is in jail for deserting his regiment.
To their infinite surprise, the two young men are sent on a mission instead of being executed. A local army colonel whose daughter is getting married surmises that Lev and Kolya are schooled enough in petty thievery to procure a dozen eggs for the wedding cake. No matter that eggs have not been seen anywhere in Leningrad in months. The lads are given five days, a curfew waiver, and 400 rubles and told that if they fail to deliver the goods, they will be shot.
Talk about your wild goose chase. There are no animals of any kind here; even the pigeons have long since been eaten. In the outdoor food stalls, what’s for sale are pricey glasses of dirt mixed with melted sugar and something called “library candy,” made by boiling the binding glue from books: “[T]here was protein in the glue, protein kept you alive, and the city’s books were disappearing like the pigeons.”



David Benioff (New York, 25 september 1970)