Joost de Vries

De Nederlandse schrijver Joost de Vries werd geboren op 28 maart 1983 in Alkmaar. Zie ook alle tags voor Joost de Vries op dit blog.

Uit: Clausewitz (Vertaald door Liz Waters)

“That evening I read the fewer than 120 pages at a single sitting. Mr Brissot wrote clearly and amiably about why he found the work of Ferdynand LeFebvre so interesting and why he thought there was more political reality behind the man’s fanciful narratives than the literary world assumed. In the next hundred pages he deciphered countless parables and intertextualities hidden in the work and analysed a wide range of symbols and metaphors. All meticulously annotated.
In the online catalogue of the consortium of Dutch university libraries I could find neither the title nor the author. I had to create an account before I could search the French national library, but there too I failed to unearth any Monsieur Brissot. Google Scholar produced zero results. The book had no ISBN. It was as if I was holding something that didn’t exist.
In the week before leaving for France I’d walked along a corridor of the university library that I hadn’t seen before and happened upon the booklined wall where all the dissertations were kept. Thousands of surnames on thousands of immaculate, untouched white covers, an unread monument, with the names of doctoral researchers engraved on it like fallen soldiers.”

Joost de Vries (Alkmaar, 28 maart 1983)