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De Canadese dichter, folk singer-songwriter en schrijverLeonard Cohen werd geboren op 21 september 1934 te Montréal. Zie ook mijn blog van 21 september 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor Leonard Cohen op dit blog..





I almost went to bed
without remembering
the four white violets
I put in the button-hole
of your green sweater


and how i kissed you then
and you kissed me
shy as though I’d
never been your lover




Now of Sleeping


Under her grandmother’s patchwork quilt
a calico bird’s-eye view
of crops and boundaries
naming dimly the districts of her body
sleeps my Annie like a perfect lady


Like ages of weightless snow
on tiny oceans filled with light
her eyelids enclose deeply
a shade tree of birthday candles
one for every morning
until the now of sleeping


The small banner of blood
kept and flown by Brother Wind
long after the pierced bird fell down
is like her red mouth
among the squalls of pillow


Bearers of evil fancy
of dark intention and corrupting fashion
who come to rend the quilt
plough the eye and ground the mouth
will contend with mighty Mother Goose
and Farmer Brown and all good stories
of invincible belief
which surround her sleep
like the golden wheather of a halo


Well-wishers and her true lover
may stay to watch my Annie
sleeping like a perfect lady
under her grandmother’s patchwork quilt
but they must promise to whisper
and to vanish by morning –
all but her one true lover.




Leonard Cohen (Montréal, 21 september 1934)

In de jaren zestig


De Amerikaanse schrijver Stephen Edwin King werd geboren in Portland, Maine, op 21 september 1947. Zie ook mijn blog van 21 september 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor Stephen King op dit blog.


Uit: The shining


“Jack Torrance thought: Officious little prick.

Ullman stood five-five, and when he moved, it was with the prissy speed that seems to be the exclusive domain of all small plump men. The part in his hair was exact, and his dark suit was sober but comforting. I am a man you can bring your problems to, that suit said to the paying customer. To the hired help it spoke more curtly: This had better be good, you. There was a red carnation in the lapel, perhaps so that no one on the street would mistake Stuart Ullman for the local undertaker.

As he listened to Ullman speak, Jack admitted to himself that he probably could not have liked any man on that side of the desk — under the circumstances.

Ullman had asked a question he hadn’t caught. That was bad; Ullman was the type of man who would file such lapses away in a mental Rolodex for later consideration.



Scene uit de film van Stanley Kubric uit 1980



“I’m sorry?”

“I asked if your wife fully understood what you would be taking on here. And there’s your son, of course.” He glanced down at the application in front of him. “Daniel. Your wife isn’t a bit intimidated by the idea?”

“Wendy is an extraordinary woman.”

“And your son is also extraordinary?”

Jack smiled, a big wide PR smile. “We like to think so, I suppose. He’s quite self-radiant for a five-year-old.”

No returning smile from Ullman. He slipped Jack’s application back into the file. The file went into a drawer. The desk top was now completely bare except for a blotter, a telephone, a Tensor lamp, and an in/out basket. Both sides of the in/out were empty, too.”.




Stephen King (Portland, 21 september 1947)


De Franse schrijver
Frédéric Beigbeder werd geboren op 21 september 1965 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Zie ook mijn blog van 21 september 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor Frédéric Beigbeder op dit blog.


Uit:L’amour dure trois ans

On fait semblant d’être indifférent au divorce, mais arrive bientôt le moment terrible où l’on comprend être passé de “La belle au bois dormant” à “Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble”. Adieu souvenirs charmants, il faut renoncer aux surnoms adorables qu’on se donnait, brûler les photos du voyage de noces, éteindre la radio quand on y entend une chansons que l’on fredonnait ensemble. (…) Les seules fois où l’on se croisera désormais, ce sera en présence d’une souriante avocate qui aura, par dessus le marché, le mauvais goût d’être enceinte jusqu’aux dents.” 

Scene uit de gelijknamige film uit 2011


„Il fallait jeter des fleurs blanches dans les vagues en faisant un voeu que les divinités réaliseraient dans l’année. Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est passé : mes fleurs devaient être moches, ou les dieux absents. En tout cas, je n’ai jamais été exaucé.“


 „Elles attendent le Prince Charmant, ce concept publicitaire débile qui fabrique des déçues, des futures vieilles filles, des aigries en quête d’absolu, alors que seul un homme imparfait peut les rendre heureuses.



Frédéric Beigbeder (Neuilly-sur-Seine, 21 september 1965)



De Vlaamse dichter Xavier Roelens werd op 21 september 1976 in Rekkem (Menen). Zie ook alle tags voor Xavier Roelens op dit blog.


Lichaam en ziel

de liefste broer van de hele wereld dobbelt stenen
van het viaduct, telt de ogen en keert terug naar start

om een sollicitatiebrief te schrappen.
speeksel druipt mee de envelop in,
als lichaam en ziel verlangt het
hereniging, kent niet de reglementering ter zake.

‘het kan morgen alleen maar beter.
wij wensen u veel succes.’

broer spingt over de omheining naar de gekantelde vrachtwagen
en verzamelt al wroetend en kwispelend wat overblijft.



schenk de slapende uw
ogen voor het uit de kassen
vallen, voel de ouderdom of bij
werkingen van een innoverend me
dicijn aan de tand kleven.
poets grondig treur niet om belasting
van systemen. uit uw nalatenschap,
uit adem van geschrap. het vormt
uw zekeringenkast, preventief,

vóór de implosie



Xavier Roelens (Rekkem, 21 september 1976)


De Amerikaanse schrijfster en actrice Fannie Flag (eig. Patricia Neal) werd geboren op 21 september in Birmingham (Alabama). Zie ook mijn blog van 21 september 2010en evenneens alle tags voor Fannie Flag op dit blog.


Uit: I Still Dream About You


“If Maggie had lived most of her life under the spell of her childhood, she wasn’t alone. A lot of people still had a few stars left in their eyes, and no wonder, growing up in a place called the Magic City, with all of its lofty aspirations and illusions of grandeur. You could see it everywhere you looked, from the towering smokestacks of the iron, coal, and steel mills to the grand mansions atop Red Mountain to the sparkle in the cement in the downtown sidewalks. The city was bustling and alive, with block after block of elegant stores, where mannequins stood in haughty poses, dressed in the latest fashions and furs from New York and Paris; blocks of showrooms filled with fine rugs, lamps, and furniture, displayed so beautifully you wanted to walk in and live there forever (or at least Maggie had). There had always been an excitement in the air. A feeling that Birmingham, the Fastest-Growing City in the South, was right on the verge of exploding into the biggest city in the world. Even the streets had been laid out extra wide and stood waiting, as if expecting a tremendous rush of traffic at any moment. From the beginning, Birmingham had been bursting with ambition and hated being second to Pittsburgh in steel production and having the second-largest city transit system in the country. Even the towering iron statue of Vulcan, the Greek god of fire and iron, that stood on the top of Red Mountain was only the second-largest iron statue in the country, and during the war, when headlines announced that Birmingham, Alabama, had been named the number two target city in America to be bombed by Germany and Japan, everybody was terribly disappointed; they would have loved to have been first! Their only consolation: they did have the largest electrical sign in the world, which greeted all visitors as they came out of the train station.”




Fannie Flag (Birmingham, 21 september 1944)




De Britse schrijver Herbert George Wells werd geboren op 21 september 1866 in Bromley, Kent. Zie ook mijn blog van 21 september 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor H. G. Wells op dit blog.


Uit: The Time Machine


“The earth had come to rest with one face to the sun, even as in our own time the moon faces the earth. Very cautiously, for I remembered my former headlong fall, I began to reverse my motion. Slower and slower went the circling hands until the thousands one seemed motionless and the daily one was no longer a mere mist upon its scale. Still slower, until the dim outlines of a desolate beach grew visible.

“I stopped very gently and sat upon the Time Machine, looking round. The sky was no longer blue. North-eastward it was inky black, and out of the blackness shone brightly and steadily the pale white stars. Overhead it was a deep Indian red and starless, and south-eastward it grew brighter to a glowing scarlet where, cut by the horizon, lay the huge hull of the sun, red and motionless. The rocks about me were of a harsh reddish colour, and all the trace of life that I could see at first was the intensely green vegetation that covered every projecting point on their south-eastern face. It was the same rich green that one sees on forest moss or on the lichen in caves: plants which like these grow in a perpetual twilight.

“The machine was standing on a sloping beach. The sea stretched away to the south-west, to rise into a sharp bright horizon against the wan sky. There were no breakers and no waves, for not a breath of wind was stirring. Only a slight oily swell rose and fell like a gentle breathing, and showed that the eternal sea was still moving and living. And along the margin where the water sometimes broke was a thick incrustation of salt, pink under the lurid sky. There was a sense of oppression in my head, and I noticed that I was breathing very fast. The sensation reminded me of my only experience of mountaineering, and from that I judged the air to be more rarefied than it is now.”




H. G. Wells (21 september 1866 – 13 augustus 1946)

Portret door  Pauline Fitzpatrick




De Duitse dichter Johann Peter Eckermann werd geboren op 21 september 1792 in Winsen (Luhe). Hij was bovenal de medewerker en vriend van Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.Zie ook mijn blog van 21 september 2010 en eveneens alle tags voor Johann Peter Eckermann op dit blog.



An die Sommer-Winde


Süd und West, ihr linden, kühlen!
Und die ihr südwestlich weht!
Fächelt, säuselt, wenn im Schwülen
Mein geliebtes Mädchen geht!
Lüften könnt ihr, ja verschieben
Ihres Busens leichtes Tuch;
Aber müsst euch nicht verlieben,
Kühlen nur, das ist genug!



An die Winter-Winde


Nord und Ost, ihr eis’gen Winde!
Und die ihr nordöstlich weht!
O, ich bitt’ euch, leise! linde!
Wenn mein zartes Mädchen geht.
Dass ihr meine Seelenweide,
Wang’ und Augen, nicht betrübt!
Dass ihre schöner Mund nicht leide,
Der so willig Küsse gibt!



Johann Peter Eckermann (21 september 1792 – 3 december 1854)
Slot Winsen