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De Engelse schrijfster Margaret Drabble werd geboren op 5 juni 1939 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Zie ook alle tags voor Margaret Drabble op dit blog.

Uit: The Millstone

“When, some years after the Hamish episode, I found that I was pregnant, I went through slightly more than the usual degrees of incredulity and shock, for reasons which I doubtless shall be unable to restrain myself from recounting: there was nobody to tell, nobody to ask, so I was obliged once more to fall back on the dimly reported experiences of friends and information I had gleaned through the years from cheap fiction. I never at any point had any intention of going to a doctor: I had not been ill for so many years that I was unaware even of the procedure for visiting one, and felt that even if I did get round to it I would be reprimanded like a school child for my state. I did not feel much in the mood for reproof. So I kept it to myself, and thought that I would try at least to deal with it by myself. It took me some time to summon up the courage: I sat for a whole day in the British Museum, damp with fear, staring blankly at the open pages of Samuel Daniel, and thinking about gin. I knew vaguely about gin, that it was supposed to do something or other to the womb, quinine or something, I believe, and that combined with a hot bath it sometimes works, so I decided that other girls had gone through with it, so why not me. One might be lucky. I had no idea how much gin one was supposed to consume, but I had a nasty feeling that it was a whole bottle: the prospect of this upset me both physically and financially. I grudged the thought of two pounds on a bottle of gin, just to make myself ill. However, I couldn’t pretend that I couldn’t afford it, and it was relatively cheap compared with other methods, so I grimly turned the pages of Daniel and decided that I would give it a try. As I turned the pages, a very handy image, thesis-wise, caught my attention, and I noted it down. Lucky in work, unlucky in love. Love is of man’s life a thing apart, ’tis woman’s whole existence, as Byron mistakenly remarked.”

Margaret Drabble (Sheffield, 5 juni 1939)


De Amerikaanse schrijfster Kristin Carlson Gore werd geboren op 5 juni 1977 in Carthage, Tennessee Zie ook alle tags voor Kristin Gore op dit blog.

Uit: Sammy’s House

“Just what is this all about?” he demanded fiercely, painfully aware of all the photos that had already been taken. There wasn’t any press aboard; the cruise was for staff only. But though everyone was ostensibly loyally intent on protecting the administration from unnecessary scandal, it was hard to keep a story like this from getting out. I myself could think of five people I planned to regale immediately with this sordid tale. It wasn’t often that one attended an office function and got entertained by a scantily clad exhibitionist inked with dancing fantasy creatures. It would be selfish to keep this to myself. “I’m a gift from the Exterminators,” the stripper answered. “They say congratulations for making it this far. They didn’t think you had it in you.” I watched Harry’s jawline stiffen. When he got angry, which was distressingly often, he looked like he’d had steel cheek implants. I’d met few people more ripe for a hernia. “Thank you, that will be all,” he ground out through clenched teeth.
Harry and a couple Secret Service agents ushered the woman through the still-stunned crowd toward the caterers’ station. The hushed silence that had accompanied her performance exploded into the sounds of a hundred and seventy-five people talking at once. The Exterminators were a very disgruntled band of former officials from the previous administration. Most of them had stayed in D.C. to form an opposition think tank, and nothing seemed to please them more than perpetrating juvenile pranks while they worked very seriously to sabotage every policy change we tried to make. They hadn’t named their think tank the Exterminators. That particular moniker derived from one of the many vindictive stunts they’d pulled on their way out of the West Wing, which they had vandalized to the best of their abilities in a rage against their ouster. In addition to rigging booby traps and carving their initials into various pieces of furniture, they had also taken the time to enact a much more elaborate and dastardly scheme.”

Kristin Gore (Carthage, 5 juni 1977)
Hier te midden van vader Al Gore en moeder Tipper

De Duitse dichter en schrijver Thomas Kling werd geboren op 5 juni 1957 in Bingen. Zie ook alle tags voor Thomas Kling op dit blog.


Mailand. Ambrosianische Litanei 2

auf eine halbsäule hin gemalt
steht ein junger mann: lebensgroßer
melancholiker – typ aus untersicht gesehen.
athlet, der auf die zweiten blicke sich entpuppt.

betrachten ist schmerzforschung.
kahlheit nackter bildprogramme.
sirrendes, singendes, zuletzt ein
stummgemachtes fleisch.

dies ist der heilige mit der eignen haut (attribut);
in kniehöhe sein schopf: dort
baumelt die apostelhülle, struppig,
ein ziemlich totes angesicht.

so stehen dulder. ein geschundenes bild.
der haut entkleidet. mit rosigem kopf: ein
bartholomäus, die haut überm arm wie
regenhaut. dazu die patientenglatze – sieht aus
wie von der chemotherapie.

die vorgewiesenen attribute: ein messer, keine spritze.
und muß mit links, mit eleganz, sein lebensgroßes hautbild
halten, den lebensnahen, totengrauen skalp.
der aderzeichen zeigt: das bild das ihm
sonst runterrutschen würde von der schulter.
der nimmt das hin; ist schinderwerk.
ein bildprogramm, termingerecht geliefert –

ein sonderbarer heiliger, seitlich angebracht.
ein weihrauch-echo. (fresko)

Thomas Kling (5 juni 1957 – 1 april 2005)


De Franse feministische schrijfster, dichteres, professor, filosoof, literair criticus en historica Hélène Cixous werd geboren in Oran, Algerije, op 5 juni 1937. Zie ook alle tags voor Hélène Cixous op dit blog.

Uit: Si près

«Je connais un poète qui est mort dans l’escalier, le jour où il partait dans un pays où il n’était plus plus jamais revenu. Tous ces pays dont on ne revient pas où on ne revient pas où on va revenir où on revient tellement en pensée qu’il est difficile de faire la différence entre aller, ne pas aller, et aller ne pas aller, on passe des années dans la lumière lunaire de l’aéroport. On y est attaché par le pacte le plus antique et le bien moins connu, le pacte d’être un né ou un mort de ce pays. Il n’y a pas d’explication. Il y a un cordon ombilical. C’est une ombre de cordon, un cordon immatériel dont on sent l’effet planté dans le cervelet. Nous sommes des conséquences. Il y a les cellules, dit mon aimé. Moi, je songe à aller à Alger depuis une dizaine d’années. Par précaution j’utilise le verbe ” aller”. Mes cellules ne suivent pas. Elles font comme si je disais : “retourner”. J’attends.

Il fut un temps. Ce temps je le sais d’un savoir désaffecté. J’ai voulu arriver en Algérie, il aurait peut-être mieux valu moi que j’y atteigne, mais c’était impossible. Si bien que j’ai atteint l’impossibilité et cela sans l’avoir calculé.(…) “Atteindre l’impossibilité” n’est ni un but, ni une possibilité, c’est une impossibilité délivrée en notre absence. Ai-je jamais cru, espéré, décrocher le faîte du désir ? (…) il se peut qu’ai couvé en moi l’ombre d’une sensation de vanité, une de ces formes furtives de pressentiment que l’on chasse d’un souffle(…) Ces retropressentiments de fatalité, je leur ai accordé une importance décisive en 1993, l’année où je n’ai plus réussi à faire obstacle à l’entrée de la Chose Algérie dans mes livres. Reconnaître que je n’avais jamais crû arriver un jour en Algérie, en vérité, et tenter de m’approcher de la Chose par les puissants moyens de la littérature, les deux faits se sont produits à la même époque.”

Hélène Cixous (Oran, 5 juni 1937)


De Amerikaanse schrijver en acteur Spalding Gray werd geboren op 5 juni 1941 in Barrington, Rhode Island. Zie ook alle tags voor Spalding Gray op dit blog.

Uit:Swimming to Cambodia

“This bombing went on for five years. The Supreme Court never passed any judgment on it and the military speaks with pride today that five years of the bombing of Cambodia killed 16,000 of the so-called enemy. That’s 25% killed, and there’s a military ruling that says you cannot kill more than 10% of the enemy without causing irreversible, psychological damage. So, five years of bombing, a diet of bark, bugs, lizards and leaves up in the Cambodian jungles, uh, an education in Paris environs in a strict Maoist doctrine with a touch of Rousseau, and other things that we will probably never know about in our lifetime — including, perhaps, an invisible cloud of evil that circles the Earth and lands at random in places like Iran, Beirut, Germany, Cambodia, America — set the Khymer Rouge out to carry out the worst auto-homeo genocide in modern history.

What a fantastic land it was, how it was Shangri-La before it was colonized… Thailand was a Nordic country compared to Cambodia, and they’re right next to each other. And he said 90% of the land was owned by the people; it was earth, it was dirt, but it was THEIRS, and it was good. And-and they knew how to have a good time. They knew how to have a good time. They knew how to have a good time getting born, a good time growing up, a good time going through puberty, a good time falling in love, a good time staying in love, a good time getting married, a good time staying married, a good time having children, a good time raising children, a good time growing old, a good time dying… they even knew how to have a good time on NEW YEAR’S EVE! I couldn’t believe it!”

Spalding Gray (5 juni 1941 – 10 januari 2004)


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