Today I Am Doing Nothing (Nigel Finn)

Dolce far niente


Doing Nothing door George Henry Yewell, 1852

Today I Am Doing Nothing

It’s a plan in itself,
Not an open invitation for suggestions
To go on long walks, or dancing,
Or paint-balling, or take a drive
Down to the beach.

It doesn’t mean I am free
To do one of the hundreds of tasks
You decide are more important,
In an attempt to fill my day
With a different kind of meaning.

Today I am doing nothing,
Because I have become lost,
In a world where doing something, anything
Is so expected of ourselves and each other
That simply doing nothing is viewed
As a waste of time.

We so rarely have opportunity
To have the conversations in our heads
That determine who we really are,
As we watch the moments floating past,
Lying under the stars.

Today I am doing nothing,
Please understand that what I desire,
Is silent doorbells, unknocked doors
And that the phone doesn’t ring
As I curl up by the fire.


Nigel Finn*

* (Over zijn biografie schrijft hij:

For those of you wanting an actual bio about me; I am of the male persuasion, and I have a beard. My favourite food is bacon and I like to sing in the shower. The rest of this is just waffle, you will learn nothing else about me. Might as well stop readin


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