Cynan Jones, Elisabeth Borchers

De Welshe schrijver Cynan Jones werd geboren op 27 februari 1975 in Aberystwyth, Wales. Zie ook alle tags voor Cynan Jones op dit blog.

Uit: Stillicide

“The dream is like a dry mouth.
The hiss in his earpiece brought Branner round, and he saw the red dot flash on the grid scanner in his hand. He was sheltered from the rain partially, pushed in against the willow at the fifty-metre line. The rain came down heavily. Subdued the dawn light.
The distraction was a relief. When he’d heard the doctor’s words, they seemed spoken through water. Had grown every moment since in volume and solidity. Seemed now to knock against the shell of the dream he’s had for weeks. A recurrence he braces for in sleep. The dream now like a premonition.
‘I’ve seen it,’ Branner said into his mic.
He watched the red dot shift across the scanner, hesitate, then apparently settle. A slight condensation come to the edges of the screen.
There was no way of knowing what the red dot was, but it was in the sector and big enough to trigger the sensors.
Deer. Dog. Man. If it was still alive and present when the water load passed, the defence guns of the train would fire automatically.
They weren’t taking any chances now. Attacks on the line had increased.
Branner had the choice to stay out of the way or neutralise the risk himself. He could take the shot, or, if he could identify it as nothing threatening, call it in to the tower and they could stand the train guns down.
‘Can you get there?’ The sergeant’s voice came through the earpiece, through the snap of rain on Branner’s hood.
‘I can get there,’ Branner replied. It was relatively close. The opposite side of the track.
‘Let the train guns take it,’ said the sergeant.
Branner felt the old scar on his jaw catch slightly against the nap inside his hood.
‘No. I’ll go.’
It will be an animal, Branner thought. There’s no need for it to pointlessly die.”


Cynan Jones (Aberystwyth, 27 februari 1975)


De Duitse schrijfster en dichteres Elisabeth Borchers werd geboren in Homberg op 27 februari 1926. Zie ook alle tags voor Elisabeth Borchers op dit blog.



Er komt een tijd
dan worden de koningen onrustig
en ze vragen aan hun dienaren
Waar zullen we naar toe gaan

De bedienden kijken elkaar aan
en vragen

Dan staan de koningen op
en gaan

Er komt een tijd
dan worden de sterren onrustig
en vragen
Wie is de mooiste onder ons

En de sterren kijken elkaar aan
en vragen
Wie zou het zijn
Maar de koningen zeggen
Ik heet Balthasar
Ik heet Melchior
Ik heet Caspar

En Caspar roept
Daar vliegt een ster
met lang goudkleurig haar


Vertaald door Frans Roumen


Elisabeth Borchers (27 februari 1926 – 25 september 2013)


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