John Heath-Stubbs, Hans Arnfrid Astel

De Engelse dichter John Heath-Stubbs werd geboren op 9 juli 1918 in Londen. Zie ook alle tags voor John Heath-Stubbs op dit blog.


Watching Tennis

Light, in light breezes and a favouring sun,
You moved, like a dancer, to the glancing ball,
And the dance and the game seemed one
To me, unmarked spectator by the wall –

Always spectator – inapt at any sport –
And you free burgess of the summer air:
Embraced within the Iron Maiden, Thought,
I of my body’s poverty am aware.

How could I guess that all-consoling night,
Confider and concealer of secrets, should conduct
You home to port within my clumsy arms?

Yet, by the chances of the game betrayed,
Your mouth on mine made known its silent need,
And all my sense found peace among your limbs.



The red king lay in the black grove:
The red blood dribbled on moss and beech-mast.

With reversed horseshoes, Tyrrel has gone
Across the ford, scuds on the tossing channel.

Call the birds to their dinner. ‘Not I,’ said the hoarse crow.
‘Not I,’ whistled the red kite
‘Will peck from their sockets those glazing eyes.’

Who will give him to his grave? ‘Not I,’ said the beetle
‘Will shift one gram of ground under his corpse,
Nor plant in his putrid flank my progeny.

Robin, red robin, will you in charity
Strew red Will with the fallen leaves?

‘I cover the bodies of Christian men:
He lies unhouseled in the wilderness,
The desolation that his father made.’

Purkis came by in his charcoal-cart:
‘He should lie in Winchester. I will tug him there –
Canons and courtiers perhaps will tip me,
A shilling or two for the charcoal-burner.’

Purkis trundled through the town gates,
And ‘Coals!’ he cried, ‘coals, coals, coals,
Coals, charcoal, dry sticks for the burning!’


John Heath-Stubbs (9 juli 1918 – 26 december 2006)
John Heath-Stubbs in 1965


De Duitse dichter Hans Arnfrid Astel werd geboren in München op 9 juli 1933. Zie ook alle tags voor Hans Arnfrid Astel op dit blog.



Ik zou graag de monnik in uw klooster willen zijn.
Ik zou dag en nacht bij de poort zitten,
en de goed afgesloten tuin bewaken.
Ik zou niemand binnenlaten in het paradijs
alleen Gabriël op zijn eenhoornjacht
met de drie honden: geloof, liefde, hoop.
Ik hoor de jachthoorn al vanaf de kantelen.


Vertaald door Frans Roumen


Hans Arnfrid Astel (9 juli 1933 – 12 maart 2018)


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