Astrid Lindgren, P.J. O’Rourke, Jonathan van het Reve, Jurga Ivanauskaitė, Karla Schneider, Herbert Zand, Taha Hussein, Jakob Schaffner, Aleardo Aleardi

Om onverklaarbare, en ondanks mijn verzoek ook nog niet opgehelderde redenen is Romenu geheel uit de statistieken verdwenen. Ik gun iedereen zijn plaatsje in welke top 15 of top 30 dan ook, maar er staan nu blogs in die duidelijk minder scoren dan Romenu al meer dan twee jaar doet. Eerdere problemen met ongewenste veranderingen bij Skynet hebben mij vorig jaar al naar een alternatief doen zoeken en vandaar dat ik nu zonder al te veel problemen kan uitwijken naar mijn blog op Seniorennet. Dezelfde opzet, en naar ik hoop, straks ook weer veel van dezelfde trouwe bezoekers. Voorlopig blijf ik, om het iedereen gemakkelijk te maken, hier nog even berichten plaatsen, zij het zeer summier en met een verwijzing naar „Romenu  II“ op Seniorennet.


De Zweedse schrijfster Astrid Lindgren werd als Astrid Ericsson geboren op 14 november 1907 en groeide op op de boerderij Näs in Vimmerby in Småland. Zie ook mijn blog van 14 november 2006 en ook mijn blog van 14 november 2007.


Uit: Pippi Longstocking


„Way out at the end of a tiny little town was an old overgrown garden, and in the garden was an old house, and in the house lived Pippi Longstocking. She was nine years old, and she lived there all alone. She had no mother and no father, and that was of course very nice because there was no one to tell her to go to bed just when she was having the most fun, and no one who could make her take cod liver oil when she much preferred caramel candy.


Once upon a time Pippi had had a father of whom she was extremely fond. Naturally she had had a mother too, but that was so long ago that Pippi didn’t remember her at all. Her mother had died when Pippi was just a tiny baby and lay in a cradle and howled so that nobody could go anywhere near her. Pippi was sure that her mother was now up in Heaven, watching her little girl through a peephole in the sky, and Pippi often waved up at her and called, “Don’t you worry about me. I’ll always come out on top.”


Pippi had not forgotten her father. He was a sea captain who sailed on the great ocean, and Pippi had sailed with him in his ship until one day her father was blown overboard in a storm and disappeared. But Pippi was absolutely certain that he would come back. She would never believe that he had drowned; she was sure he had floated until he landed on an island inhabited by cannibals. And she thought he had become the king of all the cannibals and went around with a golden crown on his head all day long.


“My papa is a cannibal king; it certainly isn’t every child who has such a stylish papa,” Pippi used to say with satisfaction. “And as soon as my papa has built himself a boat he will come and get me, and I’ll be a cannibal princess. Heigh-ho, won’t that be exciting?”


Her father had bought the old house in the garden many years ago. He thought he would live there with Pippi when he grew old and couldn’t sail the seas any longer. And then this annoying thing had to happen, that he was blown into the ocean, and while Pippi was waiting for him to come back she went straight home to Villa Villekulla. That was the name of the house. It stood there ready and waiting for her. One lovely summer evening she had said good-by to all the sailors on her father’s boat. They were all fond of Pippi, and she of them.“



Astrid Lindgren (14 november 1907 –  28 januari 2002)


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De Amerikaanse journalist en schrijver P.J. O’Rourke werd geboren op 14 november 1947 in Toledo, Ohio.


De Nederlandse schrijver Jonathan van het Reve werd geboren op 14 november 1983 in Amsterdam.


De Duitse schrijfster Karla Schneider werd op 14 november 1938 geboren in Dresden.


De Litouwse schrijfster Jurga Ivanauskaitė werd geboren in Vilnius op 14 november 1961.



Zie ook voor onderstaande schrijvers mijn andere blog, Romenu II van vandaag.


De Oostenrijkse dichter, schrijver, essayist en vertaler Herbert Zand werd geboren op 14 november 1923 in Knoppen.

De Egyptische schrijver Taha Hussein werd geboren in Al Minya in Egypte op 14 november 1889.

De Zwitserse schrijver Jakob Schaffner werd geboren op 14 november 1875 in Basel.

De Italiaanse dichter Aleardo Aleardi werd geboren op 14 november 1812 in Verona.