Bas Belleman, Clara Eggink, Kathy Acker, Joy Davidman, Richard Harding Davis

De Nederlandse dichter Bas Belleman werd in Alkmaar geboren “op een heldere ochtend in april” (Rottend Staal) van het jaar 1978. Zie ook mijn blog van 31 maart 2006 en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2008 en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2009 en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2010.


spotlight in de zon
stapt ze uit de supermarkt
de jodenbreestraat in; uit de coulissen.

zoals een emmer oogverblindend
in de weg kan staan
zonder sop en

toch die zweem van
schoon, hygiënisch, zo’n
aandachtaantrekkelijk meisje.

zo’n opgemaakt deelbaar
spiegelbeeldig doorkliefbaar
meisje in druppelkleren.

mannen staren als kersen.



onderschatting als zakken meel op mijn rug
‘ns kijken wat ik bakken kan

ik slaag er niet meer in mijn oven te ontsteken
zonder stemmen als heksen te verbranden

ik plaag mijn vijand met de geur
van brood één hap en hij valt dood


Bas Belleman (Alkmaar, april 1978)


De Nederlands dichteres en schrijfster Clara Eggink werd geboren in Utrecht op 18 april 1906. Zie ook mijn blog van 16 april 2009 en ook mijn blog van 16 april 2010.


De regenboog


“Liefste kom bij mij, ik ben ontwaakt,
Kijk, de zon schijnt op de huizen.
Toch heeft de regen mij wakker gemaakt,
Zacht spettend op de plavuizen
In onzen tuin. – Hoor toch, hoor!
Men schiet! Het ronken van motoren!
’t Eskader breekt de wolken door,
Er spatten vonken in het ochtendgloren!
Daar voor ons raam ontbrandt de strijd.
Lief, laat ons vluchten, het is nu tijd –
Mijn God! Dit teeken! Waarom dat!”
Een regenboog hield het al omvat.



Clara Eggink (18 april 1906 – 3 maart 1991)

V.l.n.r. Clara Eggink, A.Roland Holst, J.C.Bloem, Menno ter Braak en E. du Perron, 1939




De Amerikaanse schrijfster, essayiste en feministe Kathy Acker werd op 18 april 1947 in New York geboren als Karen Alexander. Zie ook mijn blog van 18 april 2009en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2010.


Uit: Rip-off Red, Girl Detective and The Burning Bombing of America


„I’m five foot three inches brown hair curling all over my face, bright green eyes, I’m 26 but my body’s tough from dancing if you know what I mean—well I got bored doing a strip, well first, I got bored doing that Ph.D. shit and being frustrated professors’ straight-A pet, especially being faithful to a husband who spent all his time in bed dealing out poker hands; I left school, descended to the more interesting depths and ­became a stripper, even that finally bored me, so I decided, on my 26th birthday, to become the toughest detective alive.
This is the story about how I have kept myself from being bored.
I was lying in bed with Peter; he had on his leather jacket and wrist bands; I woke up as the noon sun hit my face through the window; a cat started howling. I put my hands around his hips, I could see the thick whiteness and the dark hairs in the insides of my eyes; my nose burrowed in his neck, then inside his ear as far as I could get. He turned slightly toward me so I could caress him better, and moaned I had fallen for him first because he loved to be loved and showed it. Most men act cagey and think they shouldn’t show any feelings. Peter rubbed his blond beard against my cheek, moved his body against mine. Our legs entwined; I felt his breath against my ear, then his lips on the skin of the ear, his tongue darted back and forth. Shivers ran through my spine, I felt his hand on my left breast squeeze slowly squeeze, my lower muscles started moving. With my teeth I pulled at the hairs on his chin, moved my mouth up to his lips slowly pressed my lips against his, moving back and forth until I felt his mouth open.“



Kathy Acker (18 april 1947 – 30 november 1997)




De Amerikaanse dichteres en schrijfster Joy Davidman werd geboren op 18 april 1915 in New York. Zie ook mijn blog van 18 april 2009en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2010.

Uit: Interview met Lyle Dorsett, de biograaf van Joy Davidman Gresham en C.S. Lewis


„Let’s talk about Lewis and Joy Gresham. What were her motivations behind wanting to meet Lewis?


Joy like many people who lived in the 20th century, was searching for something. And in her search, she encountered Lewis, the writings of CS Lewis. Lewis’ writings lead her to the New Testament. The New Testament pointed her to Jesus Christ and she became a Christian. And she was markedly influenced by a couple of Lewis’ books. She was so influenced by them that she wanted to engage him in some question and answer. … So she wrote to CS Lewis, and it’s very interesting that Warren Lewis, who opened a lot of Jack’s mail … said, today we had a very interesting letter from an American woman named Mrs. Gresham. Now, hundreds of letters come in all the time, but yet … this letter was so striking that he singles it out. So Lewis responds to her. And to make a long story short, she took a trip to England, she met Lewis. … And she sought Lewis out first as a spiritual advisor, she fell in love with him.…

So that relationship began, she’s seeking a spiritual advisor, it goes to friendship, and it ends up going to love.


When did she fall in love with Lewis?


Well, Chad Walsh told me that she was in love with Lewis before she’d ever met him, she was in love with his mind. Well that could be, let’s face it, Lewis wrote a book called The Four Loves. And they were all types and stages of loves. I mean, I think she might have been infatuated, she was attracted, but love, my goodness. There’s no way she could have loved him if she hadn’t met him, not really. Because love grows from sharing sufferings and joys and washing one another’s feet. And their love grew in that environment.“



Joy Davidman (18 april 1915 – 13 juli 1960)





De Amerikaanse journalist en schrijver Richard Harding Davis werd geboren op 18 april 1864 in Philadelphia. Zie ook mijn blog van 18 april 2007 en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2009 en ook mijn blog van 18 april 2010.


Uit: Real Soldiers of Fortune


„ANY sunny afternoon, on Fifth Avenue, or at night in the table d’hote restaurants of University Place, you may meet the soldier of fortune who of all his brothers in arms now living is the most remarkable. You may have noticed him; a stiffly erect, distinguished–looking man, with gray hair, an imperial of the fashion of Louis Napoleon, fierce blue eyes, and across his forehead a sabre cut.

This is Henry Ronald Douglas MacIver, for some time in India an ensign in the Sepoy mutiny; in Italy, lieutenant under Garibaldi; in Spain, captain under Don Carlos; in our Civil War, major in the Confederate army; in Mexico, lieutenant–colonel under the Emperor Maximilian; colonel under Napoleon III, inspector of cavalry for the Khedive of Egypt, and chief of cavalry and general of brigade of the army of King Milan of Servia. These are only a few of his military titles. In 1884 was published a book giving the story of his life up to that year. It was called “Under Fourteen Flags.” If to–day General MacIver were to reprint the book, it would be called “Under Eighteen Flags.”

MacIver was born on Christmas Day, 1841, at sea, a league off the shore of Virginia. His mother was Miss Anna Douglas of that State; Ronald MacIver, his father, was a Scot, a Rossshire gentleman, a younger son of the chief of the Clan MacIver. Until he was ten years old young MacIver played in Virginia at the home of his father.“


Richard Harding Davis (18 april 1864—11 april 1916)

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