Dolce far niente (Aaro Hellaakoski)

Dolce far niente


Boar Lane, Leeds, door John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1881


Dolce far niente

9 o’clock
evening-lively street
with shining stones
like a colorful tale
your way home under the row of lamps
                                               delightful hurry
                                               sonorous rumble
       you get back                   
                                               silly smile
              from work                 
                                               of the mannequins
                                               misted smile
     g l e a m i n g s h o p w i n d o w s
     t h o u s a n d s o f   s t r a n g e rs w a l k i n g
   the street
eyes fill
with light whirling toward your head
              white glove
white glove on an outstretched hand
walk safely, weary man
evening     eveningwayway
windows windows are shining
thoughts are already tasting sleep
sweet sweet weariness
ardent beauty of the evening
                                          dolce far niente


Vertaald door Keith Bosley

Aaro Hellaakoski (22 juni 1893 – 23 november 1952)


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