Jaroslav Seifert, Euripides,Theodor Körner, Daniel Czepko von Reigersfeld

De Tsjechische dichter Jaroslav Seifert werd op 23 september 1901 geboren en groeide op in de arbeiderswijk Žižkov in Praag.Zie ook mijn blog van 23 september 2006.


A dozen girls’ chemises
drying on a line,
floral lace at the breast
like rose windows in a Gothic cathedral.

shield Thou me from all evil.

A dozen girls’ chemises,
that’s love,
innocent girls’ games on a sunlit lawn,
the thirteenth, a man’s shirt,
that’s marriage,
ending in adultery and a pistol shot.

The wind that’s streaming through the chemises,
that’s love,
our earth embraced by its sweet breezes:
a dozen airy bodies.

Those dozen girls made of light air
are dancing on the green lawn,
gently the wind is modelling their bodies,
breasts, hips, a dimple on the belly there —
open fast, oh my eyes.

Not wishing to disturb their dance
I softly slipped under the chemises’ knees,
and when any of them fell
I greedily inhaled it through my teeth
and bit its breast.

which we inhale and feed on,
love that our dreams are keyed on,
that dogs our rise and fall:
yet the sum of all.

In our all-electric age
nightclubs not christenings are the rage
and love is pumped into our tyres.
My sinful Magdalen, don’t cry:
Romantic love has spent its fires.
Faith, motorbikes, and hope.



Sometimes we are tied down by memories
and there are no scissors that could cut
through those tough threads.
Or ropes!

You see the bridge there by the House of Artists?
A few steps before that bridge
gendarmes shot a worker dead
who was walking in front of me.

I was only twenty at the time,
but whenever I pass the spot
the memory comes back to me.
It takes me by the hand and together we walk
to the little gate of the Jewish cemetery,
through which I had been running
from their rifles.

The years moved with unsure, tottering step
and I with them.
Years flying
till time stood still.



Jaroslav Seifert ( 23 september 1901 – 10 januari 1986)


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De Griekse schrijver Euripides werd volgens de legende geboren op 23 september 484 voor Christus in Salamis.


De Duitse dichter en schrijver Theodor Körner werd geboren op 23 september 1791 in Dresden.


De Duitse dichter en schrijver Daniel Czepko von Reigersfeld werd op 23 september 1605 in Koschwitz geboren