Norbert Bugeja

De Maltese dichter Norbert Bugeja werd geboren in Siġġiewi op 2 februari 1980. Zie ook mijn blog van 10 juni 2009 ook mijn blog van 10 juni 2010


The Sailor sits beneath the bastions of El Corte Ingles,
a scrawny cat, gnawing at the sun with his vile oaths
and unknotting the yarns that prod him in his sleep.
The very shape of him, like waves of vintage radios
stinks in between one country and another,
snatches words uttered, and those slain,
and then transmits the moral of the story –
an olive-skinned giggle, a filterless cigarette
and two italians trailing a one-nighter.

Ola mujer, que pasa? Ostia puta.

If you come into the complex and start climbing
one floor after another,you can look down
and see him curse from every point of view:
trussardi, zegna, fnac and valentino
regard you with a slightly bizarre beard
downing the sun beneath a scorching beer…

And if you get to the top floor and gaze,
down at this city that loves you by the rate
you may be late – by then the Sailor will have picked
the pick of tales to date.

Norbert Bugeja (Siġġiewi, 2 februari 1980)