Roddy Doyle, Gary Snyder

De Ierse schrijver Roddy Doyle werd geboren in Dublin op 8 mei 1958. Zie ook alle tags voor Roddy Doyle op dit blog.

Uit: The Commitments

“—We’ll ask Jimmy, said Outspan. —Jimmy’ll know. Jimmy Rabbitte knew his music. He knew his stuff alright. You’d never see Jimmy coming home from town without a new album or a 12-inch or at least a 7-inch single. Jimmy ate Melody Maker and the NME every week and Hot Press every two weeks. He listened to Dave Fanning and John Peel. He even read his sisters’ Jackie when there was no one looking. So Jimmy knew his stuff. The last time Outspan had flicked through Jimmy’s records he’d seen names like Microdisney, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Otis Redding, The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Scraping Foetus off the Wheel (—Foetus, said Outspan. —That’s the little young fella inside the woman, isn’t it? —Yeah, said Jimmy. —AA. that fuckin’ horrible, tha’ is.); groups Outspan had never heard of, never mind heard. Jimmy even had albums by Frank Sinatra and The Monkees. So when Outspan and Derek decided, while Ray was out in the jacks, that their group needed a new direction they both thought of Jimmy. Jimmy knew what was what. Jimmy knew what was new, what was new but wouldn’t be for long and what was going to be new. Jimmy had Relax before anyone had heard of Frankic Goes to Hollywood and he’d started slagging them months before anyone realized that they were no good. Jimmy knew his music. Outspan, Derek and Ray’s group. And And And, was three days old; Ray on the Casio and his little sisters glockenspiel, Outspan on his brother’s acoustic guitar, Derck on nothing yet but the bass guitar as soon as he’d the money saved. —Will we tell Ray? Derek asked. —Abou’ Jimmy? Outspan asked back. —Yeah. Better not. Yet annyway. Outspan was trying to work his thumb in under a sticker, This Guitar Kills Fascists, his brother, an awful hippy, had put on it. —There’s the flush, he said. —He’s comin’ back. We’ll sec Jimmy later. They were in Derek’s bedroom. Ray came back in. —I was thinkin’ there, he said. —I think maybe we should have an exclamation mark, yeh know, after the second And in the name. —Wha’? —It’d be And And exclamation mark, righ’, And. It’d look deadly on the posters. Outspan said nothing while he imagined it. —What’s an explanation mark? said Derek. —Yeh know, said Ray. He drew a big one in the air. —Oh yeah, said Derek. —An’ where d’yeh want to put it again?
—And And, He drew another one. —And. —Is it not supposed to go at the end? —It should go up his arse, said Ouupan, picking away at the sticker.
• • •
Jimmy was already there when Outspan and Derek got to the Pub. —How’s it goin’, said Jimmy. —Howych, Jim, said Outspan. —Howaych, said Derek. They got stools and formed a little semicircle at the bar. —Been ridin’ annythin’ since I seen yis last? Jimmy asked them. —No way, said Outspan. —We’ve been much too busy for that sort o’ thing. Isn’t tha’ righ’? —Yeah, that’s righ’, said Derek. —Puttin’ the finishin’ touches to your album? said Jimmy. —Puttin’ the ftnishin’ touches to our name, said Outspan. —Wha’ are yis now? —And And exclamation mark, righ’? —And, said Derek. Jimmy grinned a sneer. —Fuck, fuck, exclamation mark, me. I bet I know who thought o’ tha’. —There’ll be a little face on the dot, righ’, Outspan explained.”


Roddy Doyle (Dublin, 8 mei 1958)


De Amerikaanse dichter Gary Snyder werd geboren op 8 mei 1930 in San Francisco. Zie ook alle tags voor Gary Snyder op dit blog.


Er zijn er die graag vies worden

Er zijn er die graag vies worden
en dingen repareren.
Ze drinken koffie bij zonsopgang,
bier na het werk,

En degenen die schoon blijven,
waarderen dingen gewoon,
Bij het ontbijt nemen ze melk
en ’s avonds sap.

Er zijn mensen die allebei doen,
zij drinken thee.


Vertaald door Frans Roumen


Gary Snyder (San Francisco, 8 mei 1930)


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