In Memoriam Frank McCourt

In Memoriam Frank McCourt

De Iers-Amerikaanse schrijver Frank McCourt is zondag op 78-jarige leeftijd overleden in zijn woonplaats New York. Hij stierf aan huidkanker. McCourt is vooral bekend geworden door zijn eerste boek, de bestseller Angela’s Ashes (1996) dat in Nederland verschenen is onder de titel De as van mijn moeder. Frank McCourt werd geboren op 19 augustus 1930 in New York. Zie ook mijn blog van 19 augustus 2006 en ook mijn blog van 19 augustus 2007 en ook mijn blog van19 augustus 2008.

Uit: Angela’s Ashes

“We ran to the church. My mother panted along behind with Michael in her arms. We arrived at the church just in time to see the last of the boys leaving the altar rail where the priest stood with the chalice and the host, glaring at me. Then he placed on my tongue the wafer, the body and blood of Jesus. At last, at last.

It’s on my tongue. I draw it back.
It stuck.
I had God glued to the roof of my mouth. I could hear the master’s voice, Don’t let that host touch your teeth for if you bite God in two you’ll roast in hell for eternity. I tried to get God down with my tongue but the priest hissed at me, Stop that clucking and get back to your seat. God was good. He melted and I swallowed Him and now, at last, I was a member of the True Church, an official sinner.

When the Mass ended there they were at the door of the church, my mother with Michael in her arms, my grandmother. They each hugged me to their bosoms. They each told me it was the happiest day of my life. They each cried all over my head and after my grandmother’s contribution that morning my head was a swamp.”

Frank McCourt (19 augustus 1930 – 19 juli 2009)