In Memoriam Rod McKuen

In Memoriam Rod McKuen

De Amerikaanse dichter en zanger Rod McKuen is gisteren op 81-jarige leeftijd overleden, zo melden Amerikaanse media. De populaire dichter en zanger was al enige tijd ziek. Rod McKuen werd geboren in Oakland, Californië op 29 april 1933. Zie ook alle tags voor Rod McKuen op dit blog.

In Someones Shadow

One day a man will take you on the high roads;
After a time he’ll leave you someplace nice
Or tell you where the big boys play.
They usually string out their games
In someone’s shadow
It could be yours.
More likely mine,
For mine’s grown longer and there’s more room here.

I ache to learn some new games now,
I’ve been away too long.
To see a new door open I’d go almost anywhere…
even backward,
If I had the time.

Catch me in the sunlight.
Catch me pacing the trees.
Build a fence around me
the moment you see me running
I’m so elusive sometimes
I miss the things worth stopping for.

Now comes the time for closeness once again
Turn me over gently
Hold me for the woman I am.
Smooth out the wrinkles on my face
because I need.

The big boys play
In someone’s shadow down the street


Rod McKuen (29 april 1933 – 29 januari 2015)