Joy Ladin

De Amerikaanse dichteres, schrijfster en hoogleraar transgender-wetenschappen Joy Ladin werd geboren in Rochester, New York, op 24 maart 1961. Zie ook alle tags voor Joy Ladin op dit blog.


Comfort Animal

Comfort, comfort my people …
—Isaiah 40:1

A voice says, “Your punishment has ended.”
You never listen to that voice. You really suck
at being comforted.

Another voice says, “Cry.”
That voice always gets your attention,
keeps you thinking

about withered flowers and withering grass
and all the ways you’re like them.
Hard to argue with that.

Death tramples you, an un-housebroken pet
trailing prints and broken stems,
pooping anxiety, PTSD, depression.

It’s better to be animal than vegetable
but best of all is to be spirit
flying first or maybe business class

with your emotional support animal, your body,
curled in your lap, soaring with you
above the sense of loss you’ve mistaken

for the closest to God you can get.
You want to cry? Cry about that.
Who do you think created

the animals to whom you turn for comfort,
dogs, miniature horses, monkeys, ferrets,
hungers you know how to feed,

fears you know how to quiet?
I form them, fur them,
it’s my warmth radiating from their bodies,

my love that answers
the love you lavish upon them.
Your deserts and desolations

are highways I travel,
smoothing your broken places,
arranging stars and constellations

to light your wilderness.
Sometimes I play the shepherd;
sometimes I play the lamb;

sometimes I appear as death,
which makes it hard to remember
that I am the one who assembled your atoms,

who crowned your dust with consciousness.
I take you everywhere,
which is why, wherever you go, I’m there,

keeping you hydrated, stroking your hair,
laughing when you chase your tail,
gathering you to my invisible breasts

more tenderly than any mother.
You’re right—you never asked for this. I’m the reason
your valleys are being lifted up,

the source of your life laid bare.
Mine is the voice that decrees—
that begs—your anguish to end.

When you suffer, I suffer.
Comfort me
by being comforted.


Een beetje oceaan

Kinderen hurken op een vlot in het midden van het water.
Het halfvolwassen hert verdwijnt

in een groepje jeneverbes en lisdodde. We weten dat schelpen
ooit in leven waren, maar het is moeilijk voor te stellen

welke stenen er ooit leefden. Moeilijk om een schepsel van de aarde te zijn
in een wereld bedekt met water. Ik maak me niet druk

om gelukkig zijn. Ik wilde voelen:
Missie volbracht.

Ik wilde de schaduw herkennen die ik wierp,
meer licht dan schaduw werpen. Mijn dochter en ik

bereiken de boeien die de lijn drijvend houden. Onder ons,
duisternis, die naar boven dringt.


Vertaald door Frans Roumen


Joy Ladin (Rochester, 24 maart 1961)


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