George Barker

De Engelse dichter George Granville Barker werd geboren op 26 februari 1913 in Loughton, Essex. Zie ook alle tags voor George Barker op dit blog.


Morning In Norfolk

As it has for so long
come wind and all weather
the house glimmers among
the mists of a little
river that splinters, it
seems, a landscape of
winter dreams. In the far
fields stand a few
bare trees decorating
those mists like the fanned
patterns of Georgian
skylights. The home land
of any heart persists
there, suffused with
memories and mists not
quite concealing the
identities and lost
lives of those loved once
but loved most. They haunt it
still. To the watermeadows
that lie by the heart they
return as do flocks of swallows
to the fields they have known
and flickered and flown so
often and so unforgettably over.
What fish
play in the bright wishing
wells of your painted
stretches, O secret
untainted little Bure,
I could easily tell,
for would they not be
those flashing dashers
the sometimes glittering
presentiments, images
and idealizations
of what had to be?
The dawn has brightened the
shallows and shadows and
the Bure sidles and idles
through weed isles and fallen
willows, and under
Itteringham Mill, and
there is a kind of rain-
drenched flittering in the
air, the night swan still
sleeps in her wings and over it all
the dawn heaps up the hanging
fire of the day.
Fowell’s tractor blusters
out of its shed and drags
a day’s work, like a piled sled
behind it. The crimson
December morning brims over
Norfolk, turning
to burning Turner
this aqueous water colour
idyll that earlier gleamed
so green that it seemed
drowned. What further
sanction, what blessing
can the man of heart intercede for
than the supreme remission
of dawn? For then the mind
looking backward upon its
too sullied yesterday,
the rotting stack of
resolution and refuse,
reads in the rainbowed sky
a greater covenant,
the tremendous pronouncement:
the day forgives.

Holy the heart in
its proper occupation
praising and appraising this
godsend, the dawn.
Will you lift up your eyes
my blind spirit and see
such evidence of
forgiveness in the heavens
morning after golden
morning than even
the blind can see?


Aan elk van mijn generatiegenoten

Wat was het waar je aan denkt – de zomermorgens
Langs de rivier bij Richmond met een vrouw;
En als je onhandig, in je badpak, kuste,
Grimaste tussen rozen de historie. Welk een teken –
Had je het maar herkend, had je het maar herkend!
En als je in spiegels keek was dan dit teken
Even klaar als de pijn in een parelhart?
Een vreeslijk morgen, met Teutoons gebaren
Het niet te loochnen gisteren zinloos hetend?

Wij spanden de haan der toekomst als wij kusten
En uit ons roekloos woord, als drakenzaad,
Rijst nu de dood op: toen wij vrolijk waren,
Dansend tesaam in wat wij leven dachten,
Sloten onze armen zich niet om de deernen des doods,
Die ons vandaag, vandaag in onze bedden wachten?


Vertaald door Bert Voeten


George Barker (26 februari 1913 – 27 oktober 1991)
Gefotografeerd door John Deakin, ca. 1952


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